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EDS and Stomach Pain: “Why being double-jointed can be a pain in the gut.”

Much buzz has been going around about the connection of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome to a variety of other common ailments, including EDS and Stomach Pain. So many of us suffer from what has been diagnosed as IBS, reflux, Gastroparesis and a variety of other GI issues that go from our mouths down to our rectum. Yes, the GI tract is that long and any issues we may face are not in only in our stomachs.   The link seems to stem from the fact that connective tissue is all over our bodies. It’s in our skin, our eyes, surrounding all...

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My first offical blog post – Finding strength & health, while being too flexibile and living with EDS

My hope is that my website becomes so much more than just a virtual record of my daily thoughts for the world to read (and that’s assmuing the “world” will have interest in and will want to read what I have to say) and is instead, viewed as a resource for anyone seeking specific information on the topics that can be found here and/or who is looking for place to read something fun, uplifting and motivating.

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The “Just 5 minutes” Rule & Why it works

What is the “Just 5 Minutes” Rule? “Just 5 minutes” first started as my own “rule” when I didn’t want to workout (or clean the house, etc.); however, it has become a “rule” that other people identify with and is also one that helps provide the motivation needed to start moving in some way. The rule is this: – Move your body in some way for 5 minutes – You can go all out or as slow as you want. Move one arm only, one leg only, another body part only or all of them, but just move and...

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Move More. Move Better.: Moving Naturally with Hypermobility

#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

(Top left pic is proper form for hip hinge – others are examples of going too far) The “hip hinge” is the perfect natural movement exercise that can be done easily. The point is to feel and learn how to engage the muscles that attach to your pelvis/SI joint and knees and to help prevent […]

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Mast Cell Research: Mast Cell Research

‘Twenty Minutes’ by Karen Smith-Will – Winner of Our Team Taylor/Mast Cell Awareness Tank & Mast Cell Story Giveaway!

‘Twenty Minutes’ by Karen Smith-Will – Winner of Our Team Taylor/Mast Cell Awareness Tank & Mast Cell Story Giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Mast Cell Research ‘Team Taylor/Mast Cell Awareness Tank & Mast Cell Story Giveaway!’ We are excited to announce that our winner, chosen at random, is Karen Smith- Will! Karen’s story ‘Twenty Minutes’ is shared below. “I coughed before the first song. That doesn’t bode well. Not surprising, but […]