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SFHEDS At Home Workout Using Various Pieces of Equipment & Yoga Ending

Click on Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube channel to subscribe for various videos about at home workouts, tips on exercise and physical therapy, Just 5 Minute workouts, presentation videos and clips from Wellapalooza Integrative Wellness Conferences, EDS Wellness videos, and more!   Links to equipment used: Woss Suspension Trainer (similar to TRX bands)   Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Resistance Band Carrying Case     Rumble Roller – Textured Muscle Foam Roller Manipulates Soft Tissue-Like A Massage Therapist     Yoga Lab Hot Yoga Mat – The Combo Yoga Mat...

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Striving for the [100 class club] – [solidcore] and the [hypermobile] participant

Striving for the [100 class club] [solidcore] and the [hypermobile] participant “Create the strongest version yourself.” – [solidcore] I always feel like I’ve been through a first right of passage after leaving a [solidcore] class, but in a good way. The instructors call it, “[solidcore] brain.” I call it “Pilates on Crack.” Saturday, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and went to a different [solidcore] studio than where I usually attend classes. I also wanted to take Ashley Rad‘s class. I survived both the class and finding parking at the Shaw studio. And I felt pretty...

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Move More. Move Better.: Moving Naturally with Hypermobility

#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

(Top left pic is proper form for hip hinge – others are examples of going too far) The “hip hinge” is the perfect natural movement exercise that can be done easily. The point is to feel and learn how to engage the muscles that attach to your pelvis/SI joint and knees and to help prevent […]

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Mast Cell Research: Mast Cell Research

Another message from Dr. Lawrence Afrin – Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another message from Dr. Lawrence Afrin – Thursday, July 20, 2017

Another message from Dr. Lawrence Afrin: Thursday, July 20, 2017 “It has been brought to my attention that there has been much misinterpretation of my July 11 announcement.  There are several issues and misperceptions I would like to address. (1) My #1 goal my entire professional life has been to provide my patients the best […]