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10 ways I have changed my Negative Nelly DNA

10 ways I have changed my Negative Nelly DNA I was born with Negative Nelly DNA. No joke. I remember feeling it to the core of my being as a kid. Yet my father would meet my constant negative with something positive. He always challenged me to see things differently, focus on the good around me, versus whatever was unjust to me at that moment. His constant reminders were annoying, but he truly helped shape my Negative Nelly DNA to a Positive Polly. My father still will state a positive to anything that I am saying he views is...

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“The Five” – Summary of post by Beating Limitations

The Five – Summary of post by Beating Limitations A year ago a Pandora’s box opened-up to a world that I had no idea existed – a huge EDS Community online, on various social media platforms and each group (on whatever platform they were on), was a bit different.  I first joined Instagram and found many other active EDSers, but then I had to branch-out to recruit for the 1st Annual EDS Ride for A Cause at Zengo Cycle last May 2014.  I joined Facebook through the name SFHEDS, Twitter, Tumblr and even Pinterest and began recruiting like a mad...

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#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

(Top left pic is proper form for hip hinge – others are examples of going too far) The “hip hinge” is the perfect natural movement exercise that can be done easily. The point is to feel and learn how to engage the muscles that attach to your pelvis/SI joint and knees and to help prevent […]

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Essentially 149 5-Star Reviews!

Essentially 149 5-Star Reviews!

149 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Reviews! (when you add together the 2 listings in Amazon) “MAST CELL BIBLE! FOR LAYMEN AND PHYSICIANS! Perfect book for physicians or patients with a need for precise information NOW on MAST CELLS or TMEP. Life saving information for me. Buying 3 amazing doctors who stepped up, did biopsies and are helping me […]