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Category: The EDS Spiral

The EDS Spiral 

 ***Posted earlier on my Facebook page. Because I received many comments, I wanted to share my story here as well. I’m sure many can relate.*** I so was not in the mood, but my husband needed clothes to workout. He asked me to meet him for a cycling date. All I could think about is what I preached at Wellapalooza 2015, and what Lara Bloom talked about last night – our muscles do what our tissues cannot. A conditioned body handles the comorbidities associated with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) much better than a deconditioned one. Dr. Theo even discussed something...

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What does The EDS Spiral really look like? Read This!

Are you are afraid of falling? Or how as movement, exercise or physical therapy may increase your chronic pain associated with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? One of the largest contributors (not the only) to how “severe” our own personal case of EDS (or Hypermobility Syndrome) is, stems from fears of movement and/movement causing more pain. Kinesophobia is the fear of movement & Kinesiophobia is the fear of movement/activity/exercise/PT causing more pain or increasing chronic pain. And these fears have been found to be a large contributing factor to making EhlersDanlos symptoms & issues worse. That doesn’t mean that our fear isn’t...

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The EDS Spiral – it is real, devastating, but you can climb out.

The EDS Spiral – it is real, devastating, but you can climb out.   As I sit here and type this, I am thinking…. “This is hard. Really hard. How do I explain all the information that’s in my head, in a way that helps people see the connections that I see? How can I help them feel empowered & believe that there ARE ways that we CAN help ourselves?”  Truth is … no one has coined the phrase “The EDS Spiral.” I do believe that medical research on Ehlers-Danlos syndrome supports this idea, but a small piece of...

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#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

#EDSFitTip – the Hip Hinge

(Top left pic is proper form for hip hinge – others are examples of going too far) The “hip hinge” is the perfect natural movement exercise that can be done easily. The point is to feel and learn how to engage the muscles that attach to your pelvis/SI joint and knees and to help prevent […]

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