This is my bread and butter … a compilation of all video clips, pictures and tips posted on various social media platforms over the last few years, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest.  I believe that anyone can build strength & stability and finding what works for each of us is very important.  There is not one way that is right for those of us with EDS and many times, you have to keep trying to find what works even if it takes a while. However, it is probably one of the most important things you will do for your overall health and well-being while living with EDS.  I have shared various PT exercises, my favorite workout videos and studio classes, that I have personally found helpful in building strength and stability while living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  As I build my site, I will keep adding information and resources, so please do check back.  If there is something that you have a question about, just ask! It could be that I just have not gotten the chance to either write about it or add the link to my site.  

#Just5Minutes EDS Exercise/PT Tips & Video Clips

– PT/OT Exercises for Fingers and Hands:

– #EDSFit Tip – Proper Neck Alignment during exercise & activity:

– #EDSFitTip – exercise to strengthen weak neck muscles:

– #EDSFitTip – Functional Exercises for EDS:

– #EDS Fit Tip – Strengthening the Shoulders & Glutes for strength & stability:

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