Strengthening the gluts and shoulders for proprioception & stability

#EDSFitTip – Strengthening the gluts and shoulders for proprioception & stability can be some of the hardest muscles for those of use living with EDS to train.

– Try performing squats (no weights) with an exercise band.

– As you rise-up from the squat, keep one hand down & in front of your knee & lift the other hand up and a bit out in front of your body on an angle.

– Remember to not hyperextend your shoulder & stop before just before your arm is even with your face.

– If lifting your arm to this height is too uncomfortable, then stop at the height that feels best for you.

– Try 5-10 reps x 3 and work your way up as your increase strength.

– To make this exercise even more challenging, try using a band with more resistance and/or balancing on a balance board.

This was and still is a challenging exercise for me; however, using a balance board really helps engage the gluts, core and helps strengthen your ankle and feet muscles.