This week wasn’t the best for anything – a horrid flare with chronic fatigue and CFS, led to not my usual workouts, which led to eating way more of all foods I usually don’t and can’t, and that led to a whole bunch of falling way behind in life, work and my usual recipe for homeostasis.

What I did do:

  • Spent a lot of time with my husband
  • Laughed – a lot
  • Walked my kids to and from school a few days this week
  • Allowed the kids to have play dates even though my house is a disaster
  • Snuggled my babies
  • Slept a lot & still managed to workout and move 5 days this week.

Tonight’s workout was a 30 min treadmill walk + 30 push-ups, 3 sets of planks and a few chaturangas; hence, why my view in Downward Facing Dog was pertinent. And of course, I 💗 the Wellapalooza mats from Wellapalooza 2017. Actually, I love each and every mat designed for the EDS Wellness swag store. Each has a special meaning & I can’t wait for the swag store to be “officially” open – soon!!