40 Years in 4 Months Started Today – Holding Myself Accountable Even on Vacation

40yo in 4mo started today. Holding myself accountable to several things that I feel are critical to improving (and sustaining) long-term health and overall well-being. There many things I want to incorporate – much more than diet and exercise. Actually, nutrition and exercise will most likely represent a smaller portion a more broad program (but an understood foundational component) that I hope to put myself through – and learn from as I go along.
I look forward to input and will be asking for feedback, and welcome anyone who wants to join me. All details haven’t been written out, but I will share soon. A lot will be self-directed and slow.
Starting tonight with yoga, listening to a portion of my audiobook & writing down my goals/tasks to achieve tonight and over the next week. Making the list tangible and easy to focus on (and accomplish) is critical for me. Will share my audiobook and link to yoga class on YouTube in a bit.
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