40 Years in 4 Months

I decided that I wanted and needed a challenge – especially because my 40th Birthday is coming up. So, I decided to create (& continuously develop as I go along) the all-inclusive wellness/life change/ “Get your big girl underpants on!”/adulting is hard/“What do I want to be when I grow-up?/turning 40yo/legit mid-life crisis” self-directed program that I’ve always wanted for myself, wished was available and envisioned.
I’ve been working on the basic framework and will share details soon. Anyone who wants to join me – I would love company, accountability, and feedback as we go along.
And no, this isn’t a fitness/personal training and diet plan program for losing weight. There’s so much more to wellness than the latest eating plan and intensive fitness program. And there’s a lot more that goes into and contributes to (or hinders) restoring function & living well – especially if the goal is long-term behavior change and the vision is a stable & positive shift in overall health and sense of well-being.

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