40 Years Old in 4 Months – Day 1

40yo in 4mo is my personal challenge for myself. I’ve shared a bit about my idea/self-directed program on FB, but I still need to write an overview of what I see in my head. My focus is not on what I eat and how much I “workout.” IMO – nutrition and daily movement are understood and are part of the core foundation of any wellness and well-being improvement program. My focus is also not about weight loss or weight in general, although it may be for others. The point is to focus on behavior modifications and lifestyle changes that foster long-term habits, which will also help meet your goals and “wellness” vision. We all have to determine what motivates us more than skin deep and to establish self-efficacy – independent of a belonging to a gym, being able to go to your favorite class or studio, having a specific program to follow, or challenge group to motivate you. However, most of us need a little help, motivation, encouragement, and information on how to get started the majority of the time – life is tough and exhausting. And way too stressful. Most importantly, it’s critical that we all plan for and learn how to equip our bodies and minds with the tools to find the drive and resolve to dig deep – especially when all short-term goals have been checked, or if/when we find ourselves gripping rock bottom and cannot comprehend how to start climbing out. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome! From Day 1 (yesterday):
Power Yoga Workout by Heart Alchemy Yoga with Michelle Goldstein with my husband on the deck overlooking the bay and while listening to our littles screaming in the pool next to us.
– Started my audiobook – ‘The Last Best Cure Part 1: My Quest to Awaken the Healing Parts of My Brain and Get Back My Body, My Joy, and My Life’ by Donna Jackson Nakazawa, narrated by Karen Saltus 
– Worked, or attempted to. Tried to accomplish short-term tasks that have been waiting way too long to be completed. Didn’t get far other than pure frustration.
– Started to visualize & verbalize my long-term goals for my 4mo personal challenge. Still, I need to write down what I see in my head and my ultimate goals.
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