It’s hard to believe that our MIND-BODY STRATEGIES FOR HYPERMOBILITY AND CHRONIC PAIN program is almost over!
Thank you to everyone who has registered and help support this important and fun initiative. A follow-up email including information shared in all 4 classes will be sent soon. Promise. For Real. 
1cd3ab14-2472-4328-85e6-6dafc3bb7e3bOur 4th class – Vinyasa Flow for Hypermobility and Chronic Pain will be a full 50-60 min class. Our final class will blend Hatha Yoga mixed with Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga. We will remain mindful of proper positioning and alignment for hypermobility and chronic pain but will move at a bit quicker pace during this class. However, this will still be a restorative practice.
All levels welcome!
This series of 4 classes are being held at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD.
Classes begin at 1:30 pm. Please allow extra time to park and get set-up so that we can be mindful of the use of the studio and those who need it after our scheduled class is over .
Address for The Mindfulness Center:
4963 Elm St., Suite 100. Bethesda, MD 20814 (Above the Wells Fargo Bank)
We have several people registered, which is great! If you are already registered or are interested in joining us tomorrow or for our final class today, here are a few suggestions to help ensure your safety and comfort:
– If you have a yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it. However, The Mindfulness Center has plenty. I often recommend using two mats for more cushioning.
– Wear comfortable clothing. Even though it’s cooler outside, it can get warmer in the studio from the sun coming in the windows. Layers are best.
– The Mindfulness Center has props and blankets, but if you are more sensitive, you may want to bring your blanket for our restorative yoga practice.
– Hydrate before coming and eat a light meal. There’s nothing worse than feeling too full, sick or having a GI reaction to something you are, right in the middle of something you wanted to do. Or, if you are moving around a bit more than normal.
– There are plenty of great places that offer healthy, sensitive diet friendly options to grab a snack or lunch afterwards (or before).
– There is a parking garage on the opposite side of the street as The Mindfulness Center. There’s also street parking and The Library parking lot off of Arlington Age usually, has plenty of parking. Parking at the Library does require a 1-2 block short walk.
For those who could not join us any of the 4 mind-body classes, we are discussing additional days and times to offer both classes and support small group meetings once this initial series of classes is over. Our smaller support group-type classes would be based on the same mind-body principles but would be held weekly for a certain number of weeks and would include education, support group discussion, gentle movement, and mindfulness practices – both virtually and in person.
Click the link below to read details on how to register, or click on the workshops/events tab on our Facebook page.
Go to to register for our class on Friday, or future classes.
You can also download the EDS Wellness App by clicking on this link – (it’s free!) or search EDS Wellness in the iTunes App store.
Also available on Google Play!
The link below includes additional details on EDS Wellness upcoming events and important announcements!
Questions? Please email
Additionally, the EDS Wellness HelpLine is Live!
You can make HelpLine Appointments through the EDS Wellness App or
go to –
To read our post from today, go to
We look forward to seeing those who are joining us today!

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