Bring on 2016!

Bring on 2016!

Me and my BFF on Thanksgiving

So, this year has been pretty amazing in so many ways. There’s been plenty of ups and downs, but a lot of incredible achievements and I can’t wait until 2016.
I can honestly say that I don’t think that I could have worked harder than I did this past year.
Yes, many sacrifices have been made and there’s a ton more I’ve learned, but I’m grateful that I’ve grown even more, both personally and professionally.
While I have no big projects that I am racing to finish by the end of the year (maybe a few smaller ones), I have plenty that I’m working on for 2016.
Having only work goals doesn’t balance you out, so I’ve planned here a few things that I wanted to do for myself in 2016.
IMG_2646I’m also not one to push the cart before the horse, so bigger business announcements will wait, as well as any plans for charity work and fundraisers. However, I’m more than excited and honored to have applied for the Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship at The Mindfulness Center and my application was accepted. There’s a lot more to it, but it looks like I will begin training in January 2016. Admission is rolling and you keep attending the monthly trainings until you complete your 200 hours. We also discussed the need for more yoga teachers who understand the hypermobile yogi. I’m more than grateful that I’ve been given this opportunity and excited for the additional ones to come. IMG_2645
For me, practicing yoga has been so much more than exercise, it’s a way of life. A way of thinking. And a major way to manage chronic pain & deal with stress. While I already discuss yoga all.of.the.time, I want to learn more. The flexibility (no pun intended) of the training at The Mindfulness Center is perfect for me — another reason I jumped on the opportunity. Earning the scholarship is a total bonus.
Additionally, another goal of mine was to create a group where people could ask questions about certain workout videos and mainstream classes. I receive a lot of these questions and it’s hard to keep track of where I need to respond to questions, and a group seemed appropriate. Of course the name starts with “Just 5 Minutes” and the link is below. This group is not meant to take over for other groups, such as EDS Athletes, but it’s a group more focused on what I do, certain workout videos, PT for hypermobility (and the Moving Naturally with Hypermobility seminars that I do), as well as mainstream fitness classes.IMG_3023
If you interested in joining me, a list of the 4 groups that I’ve started is attached (see left).
Last, below are the other things that I have scheduled for 2016:
1. Feb 2016 – Princess 1/2 Marathon with my husband in Disney World – benefitting Sophie and Madigan’s Playground 
FullSizeRender-112. March 2016 – possibly a week-long yoga retreat with The Mindfulness Center

3. Natural Movement/Nutritious Movementt seminar with my friend Annie from The emBody Shop in Easton, MD. 
4. Summer 2016 – 2016 Marketing Impact Academy conference
5. Summer 2016 – Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation Summer Learning Conference

6. September 2016 – LoCo Motion 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk out on by my friend Laura MorganIMG_7438

7. Achieve my business goals, get organized & put my family on a schedule to keep our house picked up!

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