Catching up – Day 3 of Athleta's #PowerVita Yoga Challenge – Dancer's Pose 

Same as day 1, when you are Hypermobile, you learn to not “go there” just because you can, or because it makes your pose look prettier. So, I keep a micro-bend in my standing leg and do not bend all the way over with my leg stretched way up, just because I can. It’s much harder to show restraint in this pose for many of us who are hypermobile than to bend way over with our leg stretched way up, which is often considered “prettier.”
Yoga with Hypermobility is not about diving way into a pose just because we can or because our yoga instructor says that we should. In fact, the real strength in yoga with Hypermobility starts when you stay within a safe range of motion and hold it, to help your muscles gain strength to help stabilize your joints and do the work your connective tissues cannot.

Slightly bent forward, knee not locked or hyperextended, and arm reaching up and slightly away, but back leg could be a bit higher.


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