Day 1 of Athleta's #PowerVita Yoga Challenge – Triangle Pose

When you are Hypermobile, you learn to not “go there” just because you can, or because it makes your pose look prettier. 
Yoga with Hypermobility is all about restraint and not going as far as you think you should or are far as you are told that you should. 
In fact, true strength in yoga with Hypermobility starts when you stay within proper range of motion and hold it, so that your muscles gain strength to help stabilize your joints and do the work your connective tissues cannot. 
So, my triangle pose may not be the most perfect or prettiest, but it’s within proper range of motion for those of us who are Hypermobile, and trying to stay in this “normal” range of motion is where our real work is. This is how where we gain strength and how we prevent injuries from doing yoga and “going too far.” 

Triangle Pose gone too far (for me)
Triangle Pose within proper range of motion (for me)

I figured that I would join Athleta’s #PowerVita challenge,. Especially because I just happened to be wearing my favorite capris by Athleta for my workout tonight – the Bettona Jegging Capris (sp?). Not sure if I spelled the name correctly, but I have the in black and magenta or whatever color this is and I love them. I’ve had them for several years and they are still by far my favorite workout capris (and they look cute to wear in the summer as normal clothes too). I have 2 pairs in full length also – dark green and regular dark Jegging material. They are the best! 
(And no, this isn’t a sponsored post about Athleta’s clothes or their Bettona Jegging Capris. I’ve just work Athleta since the day their first catalogue was sent to my house – probably 12-15 years ago. Maybe longer.) 

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