How to strengthen weak neck muscles with EDS

#EDSFitTip – to help strengthen weak neck #muscles, perform a modified lat pullover on an #exercise ball or another surface where you can easily roll with the exercise, in order to properly support the neck.
Here’s what to do:
1. Use light weights or no weights.
2. Position yourself on the exercise ball with your arms raised straight up & head relaxed in neutral position.
3. Roll forward so the ball moves from between your scapula to the upper part of your back, while allowing your neck to drop very slightly & your arms to move over your head as with a lat pullover.
4. Roll back-up & repeat.
5. Focus on a smaller range of movement & do not allow your neck to hyperextended or your arms to fall too far back.
This a difficult exercise & is meant to have a small range of motion. I could only perform about 4-5 reps x 3 sets when I first started. Do what you can, but do not do it if the position hurts. If just beginning #PT or an exercise program, this is probably not the 1st exercise to try for your neck. However, there are other ways to strengthen your neck, in order to work up to this exercise. Always check with your healthcare provider before attempting anything new.

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