Functional Exercises for EDS

#EDSFitTip – Try focusing on exercises that can work your whole body or what are sometimes called functional exercises. These exercises work the whole body, help with the overall stability of our bodies & help us move with more ease through daily life. This lunge exercise helps strengthen the feet, ankles, legs, core & upper body. However, this variation is a more challenging exercise when done on the foam roller. To modify, either focus on balancing on the foam roller only or performing the lunge on the floor with or without arms.
Here’s what to do:
1. Position your legs in a Lunge, with one foot in front of the other making sure your alignment is correct & you are able to balance correctly for a few seconds. You do not have to do a deep lunge, but enough to engage the glutes and protect the front knee. The front knee should not go past your foot when in the lunge position.
2. If using light weights, a band or just your arms, position your arms to the side in preparation to do a side arm delt raise.
3. Perform this exercise in 2 count down & 2 count up exercise, while raising your arms up as you move down in the lunge.
4. Aim for 5-10 reps x 3 sets. Remember to keep your shoulders back and down, versus hunched up and pulled forward, as well as keep your neck in line and neutral.
5. This is a HARD exercise and is something to work-up to slowly. I’m still working on this exercise & sometimes have to just work on my balance on the foam roller or not use it at all.

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