EDS Wellness' HelpLine is Live and Open for Appointments and Emails!

Download the EDS Wellness App today!

Who is EDS Wellness?
EDS Wellness is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization promoting health education, integrative healthcare, and wellness strategies for living well with hypermobility syndromes, such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), connective tissue diseases, and related comorbidities.
1. The EDS Wellness HelpLine is live! You can schedule 15-minute phone appointments, or send an email to helpline@edswellness.org

Direct link to HelpLine appointment scheduling – http://edswellness.org/index.php/make-an-appointment/

See original post announcing the EDS Wellness HelpLine by going to  http://edswellness.org/index.php/2016/10/16/eds-wellness-helpline-live-download-eds-wellness-app-make-appointment-register-classes-seminars-conferences/
2. EDS Wellness has an App! Now available through iTunes or Google Play!

Link to EDS Wellness App by Healcode LLC – https://appsto.re/us/N7zbfb.i

3. EDS Wellness has also announced several events coming up – Save the date if interested! See flyers below!
Registration will be live soon!

Additional Questions and Information: 

What does the EDS Wellness HelpLine offer in addition to email and phone appointments?
As part of the HelpLine, EDS Wellness will also offer limited open phone line hours. Please make sure to check the schedule weekly, as things do change based on the availability of our volunteers.
What does the EDS Wellness App do? 
The EDS Wellness App allows you to quickly schedule HelpLine appointments, personal appointments, register for conferences, seminars or workshops, and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can even make donations through the EDS Wellness App.
You can download the both the MindBody app and the EDS Wellness app on iTunes, or go to – https://appsto.re/us/N7zbfb.i
Why is EDS Wellness part of the MindBody Wellness Community – isn’t it a nonprofit focused on Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, other hypermobility syndromes, and related conditions?
EDS Wellness is excited and proud to join the many other incredible wellness studies and organizations that are a part of the MindBody community. Being a part of this established wellness community will broaden the resources available for patients to focus on ways to live well – which is the founding mission of EDS Wellness. Being a part of MindBody also makes finding support and making appointments super easy – and there’s an App for that!
“I registered with EDS Wellness through MindBody and downloaded the App, but the class I registered for did not occur or was canceled. I also found the appointments and services a bit confusing to follow through the EDS Wellness App.”
All appointments, classes, seminars, and conferences are listed through the EDS Wellness website, but only a few have dates – for now. Registration for retreats and conferences will be made through EDS Wellness’ website, other related site and hosted by MINDBODY, or through the EDS Wellness App. Scheduling of HelpLine appointments, and a few events coming up, are open and available through the EDS Wellness App, the MindBody App, or the EDS Wellness website – www.edswellness.org.
Because everything is new and EDS Wellness has barely launched, or not “officially” as of yet, there are still some scheduling kinks, errors and other pertinent pieces of information that need to be corrected. EDS Wellness is working to get everything fixed ASAP and will send out an email with an update, details, and announcements soon!
To make a HelpLine appointment, or to view other available events programs, classes, and upcoming events, go to http://edswellness.org/index.php/make-an-appointment/
To register for the upcoming EDS Ride for a Cause at Zengo Cycle benefitting EDS Wellness, go to www.zengocycle.com. 

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