Gentle Stretching Yoga with my oldest baby 

I love 6:30pm Gentle Stretching Yoga at The Mindfulness Center with Jessie Norris on Wednesdays. I don’t get to go often, but when I do, I usually invite my oldest son, or my husband to join me.
Jessie’s class is the perfect introduction for anyone who’s wanted to try yoga, but has never had the guts. Her classes are calming and unpretentious – all are welcome. People of all ages, mobility levels, shapes, and sizes attend her classes.
Each week can be a bit different, and this week Jessie focused on more Restorative Yoga with some gentle flow yoga mixed in.
My son loved it and asked to be able to go again. Considering he started middle school this week and is almost 12 years old, I’ll take all the time he wants to spend with me at this point. I think taking him shooing for clothes for PE afterwards may have helped also, but I like to think he does enjoy hanging out with me — even just a tiny bit.

Before yoga, we also took our baby girl Else to the vet to have the “Cone of Shame” removed, and to have her stitches out.
She was literally smiling afterwards – so cute!

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