They Had Me at the "You Got This" Coffee Cup – My ChronicAlly Box Product Review

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

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I have to say – I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised. There have been several different types of monthly subscription lifestyle “boxes” that have landed outside of my front door over the last few years, including Barkbox for dogs. However, none have focused on sending treats and other fun things, nor have any been a lifestyle box with a Chronic Illness-focus. Workout clothing – yes. Regular Clothing and accessories – yes.Treats and toys for my pups – yes. Treats and all-things-fun just because – no.

Some monthly boxes have been great, others not, but I never imagined that I would enjoy a treat and fun things-focused lifestyle subscription box until I was gifted ChronicAlly’s November Box for this sponsored product review. The chronic illness focus is a total bonus. Our community gets each other, that’s for sure.

ChronicAlly states that their boxes are “the FIRST ever Chronic Illness Woman & Girl’s Health & Beauty Subscription Box.” I would agree — I’ve not seen or heard of another monthly subscription box like it. It’s also hard to imagine another box done as well or is as fun as the ChronicAlly box. My box was perfectly perfect and was just what I needed. 

My ChronicAlly Box experience:

  • Didn’t open my ChronicAlly Box right away and saved it to enjoy while we were away on vacation last month.
  • Decided to open it one night when I was up late studying for a Restorative Exercise Certification Program Assessment. I desperately needed to break up my boredom and do something fun other than studying, when all I wanted to do was crawl into bed.
  • The box was wrapped well and is a perfect size. I had no idea what to expect, but I was more than thrilled when I opened the box. Everything about the ChronicAlly box is fun — even opening it.
  • Wrapped inside were a super cute coffee mug, tea, a travel tea-cup, bath salts and fantastic chapstick that I desperately needed right at that moment!
  • I immediately used the chapstick, which was more than awesome and exactly what my dry, chapped lips needed.
  • And then I had to make coffee, just so I could use my new mug. Thankfully, I had moved the hotel coffee maker into the bathroom and was already debating about making myself a cup of coffee at 2am to help me study. ‘Cause how else can you stay up studying late night while in a hotel room with your three kids and husband on vacation? 
  • Bottom line – They had me at the “You Got This” Coffee cup

How does it work?

Once you subscribe, your “ChronicAlly Box about every 30 days, with a ship date around the 15th of each month, and a re-bill date of the 30th. Pre-paid orders will also be charged remaining shipping charges on the 30th of each month. Any pre-paid orders placed on or after November 29th, 2016, will also have pre-paid shipping at checkout.And ChronicAlly ships worldwide! Another bonus!

What’s in a box?

By ChronicAlly Chic Women, For ChronicAlly Chic Women
With each box packed with love by fellow chronic illness warriors, you can count on each product being tailored just for you. Each individual product in ChronicAlly Box is your ally, and serves as your ally by allowing you save time and energy. Each product does this by making your health and beauty routine better and easier.
What to expect
The original Chronic Illness Woman’s Health and Beauty subscription box, ChronicAlly Box, contains lavish and necessary products for the Chronically Chic Woman’s life. Every month, you can expect a treasure box full of 3-6 full-sized health and beauty products to make your beauty routine possible in a pinch, with little effort. Health products for your body and mind, giving you the ability to unwind.
Why ChronicALLY Box?
Imagine getting something else in the mail besides medical bills & unfavorable lab results. With ChronicAlly Box, we do just that by delivering 100% guaranteed smiles with each shipment to your door. Chronic Ally is your personal shopper, and number one ally by saving you a trip to the mall when you’re just too sick, tired, or both. We donate a portion of all sales to chronic illness causes.

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ChronicAlly Monthly Subscription Box Products: 
Chronically Treat Box Month to Month 
Chronically Box Month to Month

“What is the difference in ChronicAlly Box & ChronicAlly Treat Box?
ChronicAlly Box contains more products and has a higher value of total products than the ChronicAlly Treat Box. The ChronicAlly Box contains 4-6 full-sized products. ChronicAlly Treat Box contains at least 3 full-sized/treat sized products, but product quantities vary depending on the cost of each product in the box. Both options are a great surprise for the chronically chic woman or girl!”
What if I can’t use a certain product?
ChronicAlly is a pleasant monthly surprise, but it wouldn’t be an exciting surprise if you received something that you couldn’t use! For example, if you are allergic to something, or can’t take baths, just let us know in the contact form when you order. We will be sure to replace that item with something else that you can enjoy if it is scheduled for that month’s box.”

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