My #Just5Minutes Parting Gift

While walking on the treadmill last night, I felt the top of my hand get tighter and tighter. I also felt a hot stinging-like pain. I finally stopped walking (I wasn’t walking super fast either), tried to open and close my hand, but it hurt a lot more than I was expecting. I hadn’t actually looked at my hand until that moment, and I suddenly realized why it hurt more than usual – I had a small vein rupture, sometimes referred to as a hematoma.
It was more swollen than other small ruptures I’ve had before. I iced it, and the pain slowly subsided, but I can’t say it looked much better afterward.

For the record, my “just 5 minutes” was way more than just 5 minutes, despite my annoying issue.
My at home workout today:
– 30 mins on indoor spinning bike
– 30 mins walk on treadmill (3.0-3.3mph)
– 25 mins PIYO Buns workout
– 30 mins PT/Strength exercises
Pics of my hand that will take forever to heal now:

Reference for small vein ruptures:

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