You know that you have mast cell issues when … 

You react to something in an “organic” Cliff Bar – or, it’s probably the “natural flavors.”
The reaction started as soon as I started taking bites and then just got worse. And that was this morning. It has not let up. I’ve taken cromolyn sodium and have tried to avoid needing something else, but I can’t get it under control. I feel terrible – sick to my stomach and like I have hot spots all over my body with a million needles pricking me. I also feel cold and chilled – like a cold draft is constantly blowing on me.
My bladder is also been on fire. That was one of the first really bothersome signs that I was having a bigger reaction – bladder pain woke me up and I felt like it was burning inside of me. This is when I hate Interstitial Cystitis (IC) with a passion.
My body is clearly flared and angry because I also got an ocular migraine for the first time in 5 years.
What is MCAS?
Mast Cell Research 

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