Life as a mompreneur living with a chronic illness – the key to building a business with integrity

Life as a mompreneur living with a chronic illness – the key to building a business with integrity

I love the health and wellness field and am more than dedicated to my work within the EDS community. I also enjoy working in the medical device industry. All communities overlap quite a bit; however, I would not be working in all three industries in the same manner that I am now if I hadn’t started my business ten years ago — 1 year after receiving the diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).
Because of starting my own small business and growing it into something more than I expected (and eventually starting a 2nd and a third business), I’ve grown to enjoy reading and learning about starting and running your own business. I’ve learned that success is a success – no matter how small. I’ve also learned that failure brings you another step closer towards discovering the person that you never knew you could be.
Consequently, I’ve learned that there are things I’ve done well, and there are even more ways I can improve. Countless people work for themselves; yet, many times people find a need and filling it themselves. One thing I’ve read over and over (and learned myself), is that when your business is built the right way and with integrity, everything will eventually fall in line. Additionally, you don’t have to “sell” your company when sharing the successes of the individuals within the community you serve – no matter the type of business or service you provide, or if your organization is a non-profit and for-profit.
It’s about building a sense of community and empowerment.
It’s also about helping those you serve to find solutions to their problems or achieve a goal that they’ve always wanted to reach.
RP from Caroline Greene Coaching & The Author Incubator, Angela Lauria on Facebook.
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Posted by Angela Lauria on Sunday, January 31, 2016


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