Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility and Chronic Pain

This 4 class/seminar series on Mind-Body Strategies for hypermobility and chronic pain, and is a collaboration between EDS Wellness and Dr. Deborah Norris with The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD.
The purpose of this series of 4 classes is based on two principles:
1. Part of the RYS 200 Yoga Instructor Training Program is a Seva requirement. Seva is a series of 4 yoga classes taught by a particular community – free of charge. It’s the community service requirement of the RYS 200 certification. Of course, I picked the hypermobility/EDS community to teach classes to.
2. One of the projects that I’ve been working on for EDS Wellness is a mindfulness for hypermobility program with Dr. Francomano, based on her experience with a study that she conducted years ago.
Originally, the Seva component of my yoga instructor training and the project with Dr. Francomano under EDS Wellness were not one in the same. However, as time went on and because of Dr. Norris’ and The Mindfulness Center’s support of Wellapalooza and the work that I do, it made sense to combine efforts. The timing of both projects lined up as well.class-flier2
Initially, classes will be offered 1x a week on Fridays at 1:30 pm and will last 4 weeks – November 4th – December 2nd, 2016. The hope is that if we hope is that if this series goes well, then we will start offering them regularly. We also hope to either broadcast live or provide the video recordings in the future.

Class descriptions are below:

Friday, November 4th – Intro to basic principles of mindfulness, yoga, and biology of hypermobility, including a short chair yoga demo (10 mins).
Friday, November 11th – Practicing Yoga safely with Hypermobility – Instruction on positions and modifications with hypermobility, including 20 min gentle flow practice.
Friday, November 18th – Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility – Discussion on Dr. Francomano’s study on mindfulness for hypermobility from NIH and John Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness program, including 30 min meditation/restorative yoga practice.
Friday, December 2nd – Vinyasa Flow for hypermobility and chronic pain – 60 min class. Vinyasa flow yoga for hypermobility and chronic pain is a quicker paced, yet restorative practice. We will be moving the entire class. All levels welcome.
img_4572To book your spot, go to http://edswellness.org/index.php/learn-with-eds-wellness/
And … EDS Wellness has an App!
Go to https://appsto.re/us/N7zbfb.i to download the EDS Wellness app and to book your spot in 1 or all of our classes! The EDS Wellness App also allows you to make HelpLine appointments and more! (Also available on Google Play!)

The EDS Wellness HelpLine is live! You can
schedule 15min phone appointments and also send emails img_4995to helpline@edswellness.orgDirect link to HelpLine appointment scheduling http://edswellness.org/index.php/make-an-appointment/ 
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