My husband and I are engaging in a "buff body contest" (BBC)

We’ve done this before and according to my friend Laura, my husband won. 
I stated that he just had a lot more change to make = more drastic results. 
We’re probably fairly equal right now; however, he’s a guy and has naturally muscular genetics and testosterone on his side. He’s also abnormally strong. Like freakishly strong, which prob means more testosterone than most. 

It’s all hugs and love until there’s a competition…..

I have no natural muscle tone, have to work my _ss off for the little muscles I have and have like 0 testosterone.
(Yes, women are supposed to have testosterone and I have none.)
What I do have is my friends at Healing Histamine by Yasmina Ykelenstam & Shakthi Health and Wellness Center on my side, because it’s all about diet anyway – right?
So, give it to me … All ideas. I have 4 weeks starting today. I already workout, but am game for new routines and ideas. 
Cause I will win. Not sure what I’m winning, but still … I will win.
I scream “winner” – don’t I?

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