Open Gym at Fitness for Health and Bethesda Physiofitness – my night out with 6 of my favorite kids

Open Gym at Fitness for Health and Bethesda Physiofitness – My night out with 6 of my favorite kids.

We had so much fun and it was great to catch-up with my previous boss, Marc and learn about the program that he’s put together with Jan Dommerholt from Bethesda Physiocare.
While studying Public Health at University of Maryland, I often tried to find jobs or internships that allowed me marry both what I was studying, as well as my passion for working out and the important of fitness as an integral part of our overall health and wellness. Of course, exercise science or Kinesiology, was part of the Public Health program, but I was more than excited when I first met Marc, the owner of Fitness for Health.  Fitness for Health was more than a gym. Marc had developed a company that focused on athletic training, improving one’s functional performance and the benefits of therapeutic exercise.
The first time I went back to visit Fitness for Health was a few years ago, when I read about their newly remodeled facility and was very interested in how they were helping kids with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  Because I am a mom with a child who has SPD, I took my littles and we visited with Marc, discussed how Fitness for Health could help kids with SPD.  Through our conversation, we ended-up discussing my volunteer work with EDNF and other ways that I was involved in helping patients with EDS, as well as discussed Marc’s interest in helping the EDS population.
Fast forward to last October, when EDNF held their first physician’s conference.  I was very excited to learn about Marc’s recent partnership with Jan Dommerholt and their plans on how to help the EDS population through a new approach to physical therapy.  Their new approach to physical therapy for those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and those who suffer from more extreme joint hypermobility issues, addresses the general fear of movement and exercise that so many have.  To say I was excited about this new approach, is an understatement.
It took me a few months, but I recently was able to find time to take my kids to open play at Fitness for Health, as well as to be able catch-up again with Marc and learn more about how Bethesda Physiofitness is working with the Ehlers-Danlos population.
We had so much fun! I took a ton of pictures and video clips, so I could share the variety of tools that Bethesda Physiofitness has available to help EDS patients.  Enjoy!

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