"Our Stories of Strength – Living with EDS" – an anthology of stories of those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

In addition to putting this website/blog together (finally), I’ve been working with a good friend on a very special project called, “Our Stories of Strength – Living with EDS.”  Our Stories of Strength- Living with EDS is an anthology of stories of those who have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and who have found ways to persevere.   Both Mysti and I couldn’t be more excited and passionate about bringing “good news” stories to the EDS community, as well as to help give so many people a voice.  Recently, we opened-up for submissions of stories from those who are living with POTS or Fibromyalgia.  To read more and/or to visit the Stories of Strength website, click link above or see link below.
Except taken from the “Our Stories of Strength” Website:
“Every day, people are displaying courage, strength, determination, and more as they navigate through the ups and downs of living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), also known as Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS). Our Stories of Strength: Living with EDS is looking to share good-news stories from people like you who have chosen to change what could be disability into an inspirational example of living life. Our stories are never “complete.” Please do not feel as though you need to be in perfect health to make a difference in the lives of others living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
Have you ever felt as though there is no way you could write a story that could be published? Many people feel that way. It’s natural to have some anxiety and nervousness when it comes to sharing an experience from your life in words. Often, it’s easier to verbally express those moments to people we know and trust. The passion that comes across in verbal tones, facial expressions, and body language aren’t always conveyed through written words. What is conveyed is the heart of your story that shows other people living with the same health condition that they are not alone and their life, like yours, is worth living.
At Our Stories of Strength, we’ve learned that having editorial support will make the writing process easier. In addition to reaching us via email, our contact form on the site, on Facebook or Twitter, we have created some writing tips you can view on the following pages:
Writing a Great Story
Titles that Hook
We want you to have a voice and encourage writers of all levels to submit a story. We will work with you to fine-tune your piece.”
To learn more about how to submit your story or to visit our website, please visit:

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