Parenting Through Teachable Life Moments – Music, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra

Life has been rough lately and I’ve not been modest about the personal and professional challenges that I’ve been facing. We are also moving. Finding a house and the area that fits our family best is more than stressful. And it’s been more than hard and scary.
My kids have seen me cry, hysterically, several times – and I’m okay with that. I tell them, humbly, that mommy is going through a rough time, but that I will be okay. I also tell them that my rough time isn’t because of them, but that they give me fighting strength. They make me feel okay and proud. I also tell them that it’s important that parents show emotions and the reality of life, maybe not the full story, but that they see the truth of hardship and the truth of resiliency. I tell them that it’s important to me that they see my emotions feel free to express theirs, show empathy and compassion, but most importantly, see how I overcome.
I want them to see that I (and we) are able to overcome through digging deep, being honest with my struggles, seeking help as needed, finding personal empowerment & strength from within and that I do it healthfully.
Tonight, my oldest Bub saw me struggling and in true to who he is, he felt my struggle with me. And he felt it deep and expressed how much he’s been struggling also – worry, uncertainty, stress in school, sports, siblings and our move in general.
Together, we listened to Hemi-Sync music (, snuggled the puh puhs and he asked me to lead him in Savasana. I felt that tonight was more than appropriate and much-needed to introduce him to Yoga Nidra meditation. Yoga Nidra and iRest are used in trauma counseling, PTSD and more. It’s one of my most favorite types of meditation and it’s incredibly therapeutic.
As I was taking screenshots of the new Yoga Nidra app we tried tonight to share here, I noticed a word and its definition – something I’ve not heard or read before. The word is Vidya. Definition of Vidya – “Vidya or vidyā (Sanskrit: विद्या) primarily means science, learning, philosophy, knowledge, scholarship, any knowledge whether true or false.[2] Its root is Vid (Sanskrit: विद्) which means – to reason upon, knower, finding, knowing, acquiring or understanding.[3]”
And most fitting for tonight, Vidya also means self-knowledge, open-mindedness & empathy.
Link to App we used tonight (see image above) – Śavāsana | Relaxation & Guided Meditation by Insight Design

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