Proper neck alignment during acitvity and exercise

Proper neck aligment during activity and exercise is essential for anyone, but especially important for those of us with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  There are many of individuals with EDS, who have longer necks and due to the laxity of our connective tissues,  also suffer from CranioCervical Instability (or CCI).  Therefore, learning proper neck alignment, techniques and exercises to help keep our necks as strong as possible, are essential to our overall health and especially importnat for those of EDS.
Here’s an example of how proper neck alignment can easily be overlooked:
#EDSFitTip – position of your neck is so important during any exercise, especially if you have a hypermobile neck like many of us with EDS do.
Here’s what to do: Try to keep your neck in a neutral position with eyes cast down like in pic on the left & avoid looking up (even to watch TV) like in pic on the right.
For more information on proper head and neck aligment, please visit:
To learn exercises that can help strengthen your neck, please visit:

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