The "Just 5 minutes" Rule & Why it works

What is the “Just 5 Minutes” Rule?
“Just 5 minutes” first started as my own “rule” when I didn’t want to workout (or clean the house, etc.); however, it has become a “rule” that other people identify with and is also one that helps provide the motivation needed to start moving in some way.
The rule is this:
– Move your body in some way for 5 minutes
– You can go all out or as slow as you want. Move one arm only, one leg only, another body part only or all of them, but just move and do it for 5 minutes.
– After 5 minutes, if you want to stop, then stop. Or, just keep moving for however long you decide and at whatever intensity.
– I’ve NEVER stopped after 5 minutes, not even once, I’ve always felt better and the “Just 5 minutes” rule has never failed to get me to move.
Why does it work?
See last sentence above …. because I have NEVER stopped once I have started and thinking that I will only have to do something for 5 minutes and then can stop if I want to, always just the push I need to get me going.
And who can’t do something, anything for “Just 5 Minutes” anyway?  Pretty much no one. 

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