Think Wellapalooza isn't for you? Think again!

Think Wellapalooza isn’t for you? Think again!

Think Wellapalooza isn’t for you, because you don’t have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Mastocytosis or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)?
Think again …. I can guarantee that if you attend Wellapalooza, you will come away with a much better understanding of how seemingly unrelated conditions are actually related and also how so much of what will be discussed, pertains to you.
Dr. Theo, one of our scheduled speakers for Wellapalooza 2015 is also one of the leading researchers for mast cell activation disorders. He’s studied the role of mast cell activation in numerous conditions, including food allergies, autism, migraines, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS and other chronic GI issues like chrons and colitis, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog & other cognitive issues, interstitial cystitis, several auto-immune conditions and much more.
New links seem to come out every day and it’s such an exciting time in medicine. What many of us have already know, is further validated by all this new research – most chronic conditions are multi-systemic and do not fit into the tight, isolated, only-effects-one-body-system box that mainstream medicine has been based on.
If interested, but have questions on how Wellapalooza may be helpful to you, please email:
Our registration deadline is October 10th, in order to ensure that we have enough people to hold the conference. However, we know there are many people who plan on coming, but have not yet registered.
To register, go to: Wellapalooza 2015 Registration
To read about Dr. Theo and look through his countless research papers, go to:
New EDS & MCAD Research:
– New article just published on a recent study that discovered a new type of mast cell & its links to severe food allergies (see below):
New mast cell type linked to severe food allergies. More and more research is proving underlying links to mast cell issues and/or heritable connective tissue disorders, or both. And considering our mast cells are housed in our connective tissues, are a type of white blood cell and are our main allergy & inflammatory cells, the links to both are not surprising.” – post from my personal FB page.
– New EDS/MCAS variant identified – familial connection between mast cell disorders, EDS and dysautonomia.
– New OI/EDS variant identified
Below is our recent Update on Wellapalooza 2015:
We have a place!
We hit a bit of obstacle, after our venue was double booked and we didn’t find out until the other day. However, we now have a new venue address and all information has been updated.
Take a look at Wellapalooza 2015’s schedule here!
Wellapalooza 2015 will still be in the Bethesda area (Chevy Chase, MD), but will actually a bit closer to DC and in the middle of a great area.
All things happen for a reason!
The area is called Friendship Heights and I’ve included links with information below. You can take a look at links and information provided on the area where Wellapalooza will be held.
Here’s the important part – ALL registration MUST be done by October 10th! I know many people who are planning on attending, but we cannot assume anything, or we will have to eat the cost – which neither Jan or I can do.
This is also our first Wellapalooza mixing conditions and speakers, etc., which means we are starting from scratch!
Jan and I need to make sure we know what type of budget we are working with, because our new venue costs a bit more and we do not want to have to increase the registration fee.
Another important point – our minimum is 30 people and our max will change to 50 people, based on our new venue. If we have more than 50 who absolutely want to come, I will see how many more we can fit based on how we will lay out the room.
You can register, by going here.
Dr. Theo is coming on his own dime and we do not want him to travel and then have to cancel, because people are waiting until the last-minute to sign-up.
Our other speakers are local, but they are still blocking off time from their schedules to come. Even though our speakers have agreed to come on their own (i.e. not paid), that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t respect their time just the same.
For those who may be interested in staying the night and enjoying the area, we are working on reserving a block of rooms at a hotel in the immediate area – The Embassy Suites. If we aren’t able to secure a room block, we will provide hotel information for the area and you can decide what works best for you.
Even without room block rate, prices are not bad, especially if you share a room. All rooms are suites with a pull-out couch, and have a kitchenette.
Average rate is about $175 per night prior to room block discount.
If you do want to reserve a room before block of rooms is reserved and rate is announced, I will make sure to have your room moved under our room block. However, I cannot guarantee a price or that we even will have a reserved block. Nothing is final until it’s final, so please keep that in mind. If you do go ahead and reserve a room prior to room block announcement, please do so knowing that your rate at the time of booking, may be the rate you will pay. Also, please send either Jan or I an email ( or and we will make sure that your reservation is under our room block, if that is what we are able to work out.
Of course, you are also welcome to stay anywhere else. There are plenty of hotels near by.
Parking – I will be asking for parking to be worked into room block rate, but that is not a guarantee. Parking at hotel is approx. $27 per day.
If you are coming in for just the day, there’s a parking garage in the building where Wellapalooza will be held (I do not know price off-hand, but it based on an hourly rate and then a max per day – usually about $20). Or, the Geico parking lot across the street is free and open to the public on the weekends. You will have to walk across a side road, in order to get to the area where our venue is.
Seriously, this is one of the best areas to stay near DC!
Friendship heights and it’s right on the DC line, but not in the middle of DC. Friendship Heights is where DC, Chevy Chase and Bethesda all meet. You are still close to downtown Bethesda, but the immediate area has a whole foods, a ton of shops, great restaurants, etc. I’ve included a few links to what’s around our Wellapalooza venue.
Shops at Wisconsin Place (also has community center where Wellapalooza will be held)
Mazza Gallerie in Friendship Heights
Embassy Suites Hotel in Friendship Heights
Since you will be right down the road from Downtown Bethesda, here are a few Bethesda links:
I am still working out details, but we are trying to figure out activities for the next day for those who may want to say the night.
One event that was already scheduled is the 2nd Annual EDS Charity ride at Zengo Cycle in Bethesda, Md. I am more than excited to say that this year’s EDS Ride for a Cause will benefit EDS International/2016 EDS International Symposium!
EDS Ride for a Cause 2015 Event flyer
The EDS Ride for a Cause will be held on Sunday, November 15th at 1pm (day after Wellapalooza). Registration can be done via Zengo’s website. Below are links are various EDS Ride for a Cause links:
EDS Ride for a Cause – November 2015 event page
EDS Ride for a Cause FB Page
Zengo Cycle Studio
I’m also in communication with Dr. Norris from The Mindfulness Center. I’m not sure what we will workout exactly. However, the Mindfulness center offers a ton of services for great prices. The are also a non-profit and happen to be also located right in the heart of Bethesda, Md.
The Mindfulness Center – Bethesda, MD
Please let us know if you have any questions, buy understand that we cannot hold spots or push back the registration deadline. We don’t want to raise the fee, so we figured it’s best to set a deadline and a minimum, in order to make sure that our costs are covered and that we don’t waste the time and expense of Dr. Theo and our other speakers.
Please help us spread the word, by posting in groups and sharing with support groups. I will also help post, but we would love help spreading the word!
Wellapalooza also now has a FB page, an IG account, a Tumblr blog and we are also on Twitter! @Wellapalooza for all social media accounts.
Wellapalooza’s website is:
Last, if anyone is interested on helping with event details, please let us know!
Thank you for your patience and we are so excited about this conference!

Wellapalooza 2015 Event Flyer.pages

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