Updates – Wellapalooza 2015, EDS Ride for a Cause and contest winner annoucements!

Updates – Wellapalooza 2015, EDS Ride for a Cause and contest winner announcements!

Where to begin? First, things have been crazy, like really crazy busy. I have a bazillion blog posts written and haven’t been able to share them, because I haven’t had the time to do final edits and then post. All good content and so much I want to share, but … we have two events coming up next weekend, other projects going on behind the scenes, and so many great things are coming together. I am more than excited, beyond exhausted and incredibly grateful. I can’t believe Wellapalooza is in less than a week! There’s plenty of time to register and we are finalizing a few more exciting details that will be announced soon.
Below are some important updates on both the Wellapalooza conference and the EDS Ride for a Cause – 2 EDS-related events coming up the weekend of November 14th, 2015.
In addition, the Wellapalooza contest and Rarity (Vascular EDS) contest winners are listed below as well. 

Please make sure to read all updates, especially if you are attending Wellapalooza, plan to attend Wellapalooza, want to attend Wellapalooza, or participated in either the Wellapalooza contest or the Rarity (Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) contest.

1. Registration deadline for Wellapalooza 2015 is Tuesday, November 10th!

If you plan on attending, please register A.S.A.P! There will be no on site registrations!
We’ve had an influx of registrations in the last few days, so we are extending the registration through the early part of this week. We also are having another Wella contest – see below!
To register for Wellapalooza 2015 on November 14th, 2015, go to: Wellapalooza 2015 Registration.
Please also make sure to read the refund policy.

2. The After Wella Salt Cave Party has 1 ticket left!

The last time I checked, there was one ticket left, but The After Wella Salt Cave Party may be sold out! To check availability, go to: After Wella Salt Cave Party
If all tickets are sold and there is enough interest to book another session, we are happy to do so. The minimum number of people is 8 and the max is 12. Please let me know if you are interested, but tickets were sold out. Please email:

3. Wellapalooza Sponsors, Vendors and Partners – so exciting!

We’ve had a ton of interest from different organizations and companies who would like to become a Wellapalooza sponsor, partner, or vendor. We’ve also received generous donations for our Wella attendee swag bags, donations for snacks and drinks, as well as Wella Partner donations. A few of our new sponsors and partners are:

  • Massage at Home by Ellen – donation of a free massage at home gift certificate as a door prize, and discount coupons for a massage at home for our Wella Swag Bags (Yes, she knows how to handle the EDS body). 
  • Algonot – Wella Partner donation and donation of Wella Swag Bag materials
  • Dana Rice, Realtor with Diana Keeling Team Wella Partner donation
  • The Mindfulness Center – donation of Wella Swag Bag materials and more!
  • To see a full list of our 2015 Wellapalooza sponsors and partners, go to: 2015 Wellapalooza Sponsors and Partners (list is currently being updated).

If interested in becoming a Wellapalooza 2015 sponsor by either donating some cool swag for the Wella Swag Bags, donating a door prize giveaway, helping with snacks and products, or donating as little as $25, please go visit: Wellapalooza Sponsors and Vendors
Sponsors and partners receive their name on our brochures, banners and website, as well as receive a ton of great PR!
Deadline for sponsors and partners who wish to be listed on Wellapalooza 2015 printed materials is Tuesday, November 10th at 9am. 
We still welcome sponsors and partners for future our Wellapalooza conferences. If interested, please click link above or email:

4. Wellapalooza contest winners!

Congratulations! Please either send me a personal message via Facebook, or an email with your name, contact information and address.
Winner of a beautiful Wellapalooza coffee mug – Bonnie Lowther
Winner of one free registration to Wellapalooza 2015 – Melody Channell Gough

5. New Wellapalooza Contest! Read below!

Contest ends on Wednesday, November 11th at 11:59pm!
To participate in the 2nd Wellapalooza contest, see instructions below:
1. Like and Follow Wellapalooza’s FB page & @Wellapalooza on Twitter (if you don’t have a twitter account, liking Wellapalooza on Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest counts too!)
2. Share this post (Facebook, Twitter, or both)
If you don’t want to share this whole post, you can copy and paste the contest portion and share it.
3. Use an app, sketch or draw an avatar of Dr. Theo. The best avatar wins (Dr. Theo will be picking winner).
Use contact form, or send us an email at: with your contest submission. Feel free to submit your avatar through the contact form at the bottom of this link as well. 
4. Deadline is Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 11:59pm!
5. There will be 2 winners for this contest!
6. Winners will be announced on Thursday, November 12th, 2015.
7. No purchase necessary, but winner must complete all steps.
Contest prizes:
– 2nd runner-up wins a beautiful Wellapalooza coffee mug, other choice of Wella or Wella-related swag.
– 1st place receives free registration to Wellapalooza 2015!
Remember …. Deadline to register for Wellapalooza 2015 is Tuesday, November 10th. Contest winner will still receive free registration for Wellapalooza 2015. 

6. Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Rarity Contest Winners!

Rarity is a young adult fiction novel written by my friend Deborah Josupait Roach, and even though Rarity is a fiction novel, Deborah’s motivation and basis for this story was her son who has Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
Deborah’s personal story was also featured in ‪the EDS anthology OurStoriesOfStrength‬ – Living with ‪Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome‬. A portion of the proceeds that are earned from Rarity, go to Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome research.
Rarity Contest winners are: Everyone who particpated!
Each person that particpated will receive a free copy of Rarity. I have a full list of names of those who participated. Please send me personal message via Facebook or an email to, with your full name, contact information and address. All copies of Rarity will be sent out by early next week.

5. EDS Ride for a Cause is on November 15th, 2015 @1pm!

Proceeds benefit EDS International Symposium 2016!
Please click link to go to our official event page, or to sign-up, go to: Bike seats are $35 and you can donate a bike seat if you cannot participate! To learn more, go to: 2015 EDS Ride for a Cause
There are a lot of people who plan to go, or who plan to buy a seat in honor of someone else, but if we don’t meet our minimum, then the EDS Ride for a Cause will not happen.
Please remember, this charity ride is support the 2016 EDS International Symposium – something that we are all excited about and something that is much-needed for our community.
Bike seats are $35 each.
If you have any questions or concerns about how to sign-up for the ride, or feel that donating another way would be easier than signing-up via the Zengo Cycle website, please let me know.
Our 2014 EDS Ride for a Cause was awesome and I don’t to have to cancel this event, which helps support such a great cause. So, I’m more than open to ways that people feel more comfortable signing up.
One option may be to donate through me via paypal and then I would handle booking bike seats with Zengo, which also means that I’m the one writing the check to EDS International via EDNF.
If you are interested in seeing what a Zengo Class is like, check out this link: Indoor Cycling meets Meditation or watch the clip below. 

To all my friends who have sent me messages, helped share posts, been working on various projects with me … thank you. I try to make sure to say thank you personally, but I know that I haven’t been able to talk to everyone and I will get there. I would not be able to do all that I’m doing, without the support and encouragement from so many awesome friends.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Wellapalooza and Rarity contests, and to Deborah for supporting my desire to send a copy to every contest participant. 
Please sign-up for our email newsletter, so that you don’t miss important Wellapalooza related announcements, EDS-related newsletters, notifications about new blog posts, and information about upcoming podcasts, webinars, seminars and conference recordings.
We really are stronger together. 😉

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