Could "Vaginal Weightlifting" be beneficial for Pelvic Floor Instability, a common issue faced by many women with EDS?

Say what?? That’s right, “Vaginal Weightlifting” to help a variety of issues women may experience “down there,” including Pelvic Floor Instability.  Awesome mental image – right? 
As someone who has long suffered with various issues “down there,” this article immediately peaked my interest.  And because I am in the process of putting together an article for another blog discussing the variety of issues those of us with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and/or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) may be blessed with just because we are women, I wanted to read about these 10 benefits.  You can read for yourself below.  Let’s just say, if you ever end-up with a referral for a PT who is specialized in women’s physical therapy, the whole inserting a jade egg thing will make a lot more sense. Yes, I am tried something similar and can say that it does help, especially if done along with biofeedback. 
10 Benefits Of Vaginal Weightlifting:
“As a holistic sex and relationship coach, I employ a host of different methods to improve people’s intimate lives. I’m currently on a global campaign to raise the awareness of vaginal superpowers.
This involves my traveling to different locales, and shooting images of objects indigenous to the regions, which I lift with my vagina. You can check out the whole series on Instagram, which I catalog using #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina.
Vaginal Kung Fu is a method I teach for women to physically and emotionally reconnect to their vaginas, so they become more in tune with their sexual energy.
Con’t –

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