Well, I Can Tell You How Fresh Assist Spray is NOT meant to be used ….. A Sponsored Product Review

“I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “

Husband“You have to go help your daughter.” 


Husband (shaking his head)“I don’t know. Just go help her. She needs you. Not me.”

Me (feeling like he is perfectly capable of helping our daughter in the bathroom, even though he’s a he and she’s a she)“Why?!”

Husband (exasperated expression)“Just go help her. Please? It’s a girl thing.”

I walk into my bathroom through my bedroom and hear my 6yo daughter crying. 

Me“Shosher (our nickname for each other), what is going on? What happened? Why are you crying?” 

Daughter“I have a rash!!!” 

Me“You do? Where?”

Daughter“Mom, I have a rash! And it hurts!!!” 

Me“Can I see it? Where is it?” 

Daughter“On my V-A-G-I-N-A!!!” 

Me – “Okay Babe, take a deep breath. Can you tell me what happened? You haven’t mentioned a rash at all lately.” 

Daughter“I don’t know!” 

Me“Can you show me? I need to make sure that it’s not a different kind of rash then you’ve had before.”


Me (trying to see what all the fuss is about)I don’t see anything. You seem to be okay. What happened? Did you do something?” 

Daughter“I used the new wipes.” 

Me (confused and have no idea what new wipes she’s talking about)“What new wipes? We don’t have new wipes.”

Daughter completely calmed down now. No more crying. Adjusts herself sitting up and starts to reach for something next to the toilet. 

fullsizerender-2Daughter (picking up the Fresh Assist Spray and grabbing some toilet paper)“Mom, the new wipes. This stuff. You know how you said that we should try this stuff instead of using wipes?

Me (a bit shocked her remembered our convo about Fresh Assist, since it was now a few weeks later. Also not sure if I should laugh or be very afraid)“Yes …??”

Daughter“Well, I’ve been using it every time I go poop, just like you said. See, what I do is this – I take some toilet paper, and I spray the wipe stuff on it and then wipe my butt.”

I must have looked a bit concerned because Daughter immediately then said: “And I wash my hands afterward….”

Me“With soap? And Water?” 

Daughter“Soap and water.” 

Me“So … I still don’t understand what happened?”

Daughter (showing me the Fresh Assist Spray Bottle again)“I like it. I’ve been using it.” 

Me“Okay?? But I still don’t understand. What happened tonight that made you start crying? 

Daughter (looking a bit embarrassed and sheepish)“I sprayed my vagina.” 

Me“What?!! Why? That’s not what it’s meant for Babe. I still don’t understand why you started crying, though.” 

Daughter “I wanted to clean it, so I used the spray.”

She then starts to try and show me how she used the spray. 

Daughter – “Using a lot of toilet paper is not good for the environment. So, I used the spray like I do to wipe my butt.”

Me“And it caused you to cry? The spray (Fresh Assist) is not meant for you to spray it directly on your body. You still need to use toilet paper, just not wipes. I would be surprised if it hurt, though.”

Daughter“It was cold.” 


Daughter“Yes, it scared me. But it smelled good. Seamy likes it too.” (“Seamy” = Seamus = brother #2)

True story in its entirety – one that sums up our entire family’s experience trialing Fresh Assist Spray. Everyone liked it. A lot. And our 6yo daughter thought Fresh Assist was so great and smells so good, that she decided to clean other private areas with it as well. Because “using toilet paper is bad for the environment, mom.” 

Fresh Assist Spray is something so simple that it felt silly to be so excited to trial it. However, I knew that our whole family could be involved. And a review from a family of five with a lot of opinions on the products that are used to wipe their butts would provide a ton of useful information for the company, and for those who would read our review.

Here are a few key reasons why we love Fresh Assist Spray: 

  • Fresh Assist Spray is much easier and more discrete to carry with you when traveling or out in public areas. It easily fit into a small cosmetic case in my purse or my make-up bag, and I even purchased extra bottles to keep in my car. There have been countless times over the last 12 years of being a mom of three kids, that having something that helped “wipe clean” the kids, dogs, husband or anyone else that we happen to have been with, would have eased a ton of stress and anxiety associated with the nastiness of accidents, sickness, having to use public restrooms, and much more. And everyone just wants to feel clean afterward, no matter what happened or where they are. Fresh Assist Spray is easy to carry with you pretty much anywhere.
  • Fresh Assist Spray doesn’t leak or get things wet like wipes. You don’t need to worry as much about the top being sealed, or ensuring that the bottle is sealed in another plastic bag so that it doesn’t get whatever’s near it wet. This is often a big problem with wipes, especially if they are in your purse. And it’s more than annoying.
  • Fresh Assist Spray is more compact than carrying wipes. Plus, after you are out of the baby stage, most parents try to shed having to carry extra “stuff” as much as possible. Having no babies doesn’t equate to no accidents, messes or the need to “get clean in between.” Fresh Assist Spray allows you to carry still something to help get clean, and still shed the extra baby stuff, or a pack of bulky wipes.
  • Fresh Assist Spray can be a saving grace for kids with sensory issues and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). See all reasons above. Kids with SPD often have a very hard time being dirty or having a certain body part dirty. For my SPD son, it’s his butt. Or, not being able to wipe his butt clean as appropriately as he’s used to and comfortable with — especially problematic when traveling or having to go to the bathroom in a port-a-potty. We are talking public area epic meltdowns on pandemic proportions. 
  • Smells really good. fullsizerender-4
  • Saves money and excess waste from having to use flushable wipes, but you still can “get clean in between.”
  • Free of harsh chemicals, nuts, gluten, other allergens and irritants.
  • Made with natural essential oils, versus synthetic. Adding essential oils never hurts and only seems to help enhance some products – only if pure essential oils are used, though. Otherwise, an “essential oil” that is synthetically made vs. pure, only adds unnatural and potentially toxic chemicals hidden under a pretty name.

Company information on Fresh Assist Spray: 

“Fresh Assist® helps you Get Clean In Between™. It’s an environmentally friendly, cleansing, soothing, non-irritating and proprietary product that is sprayed on toilet tissue to improve the backside cleaning process after going number two. It’s a unique and innovative alternative to “flushable” wet (moist) wipes that many adults and kids are now using. With a few spritzes of Fresh Assist®, getting clean is a lot easier (and better for the environment). You just spray it on your favorite brand of TP and instantly improve your wipe! After many uses, wet wipes may cause irritation to the backside, clog up plumbing and septic systems (flushable doesn’t mean they don’t get stuck) and cause damage to municipal wastewater treatment systems. In New York City, regular wet wipes have caused $15 million in damage to their water treatment plant and the city is actively looking into banning them. So now that people are in the habit of using a backside cleaning product, what will they turn to?
Just spray Fresh Assist® on toilet paper
Fresh Assist® is used with conventional toilet paper. We currently have two fresh fragrances in initial production, Soothing Lavender and Cooling Chamomile, with more to follow for home and travel use. Fresh Assist® is the go-to alternative as the “greener” solution for getting clean in the bathroom. We believe the product may provide relief to those who have more frequent bathroom visits such as individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease, Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hemorrhoids, Fecal Incontinence and other similar issues by enabling a non-irritating natural cleaning process.
Great for when your kids need wipe assistance
For those parents whose young kids still need some wipe assistance in the bathroom, Fresh Assist® can be sprayed on toilet paper to clean your kids backside with an environmentally friendly, gentle on the skin product that smells great and won’t clog your toilet. Keep one in every bathroom, one in your travel bag and one in the car for wipe emergencies!
Soothing Lavender & Cool Chamomile fragrances will be available for sale soon! Contact us to place a pre-order or for more information.”

Where to buy: 

  • Buy on Fresh Assist site 
  • Buy on Amazon.com.
  • Use code TWOFRESH to get $2.00 off any two pack.
  • New lower prices! $6.99 single bottles, $12.99 two-packs – with FREE SHIPPING! (Fresh Assist Spray website).

How to find, follow and contact: 
Website – https://www.freshassistspray.com
Fresh Assist on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/freshassistspray/?fref=ts
Fresh Assist on Twitter – https://twitter.com/FreshAssistSpry
Contact at sdaiutolo@freshassistspray.com

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