Wellapalooza 2016 3-Day Integrative Wellness Retreat

Wellapalooza 2016 is 3-day integrative wellness retreat in the MD/DC/VA area – we are a different type of medical or wellness conference!

We’ve added a few updates to our event schedule and bios on Team Wella 2016. Additional details and answers to questions that we’ve received are explained below. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please send us an email to Whatever is not included here, will be either posted tomorrow on the Wellapalooza website and Facebook page or sent in an email. Still, if you have additional questions or if I do not include an answer to your question, please send an email.

Wellapalooza 2016 Information

Wellapalooza 2016 is thrilled to host incredible speakers such as Dr. Clair Francomano — Geneticist & Ehlers-Danlos syndrome specialist, Dr. Larry Afrin – Oncologist/Hematologist — Mast Cell Activation Disorder specialist, Dr. Christine Mohrhaus Hale — Tenet Healthcare, Dr. Deborah Norris, Ph.D. — The Mindfulness Center, and Rebecca Snow – Nutritionist/Herbalist.

Additionally, we are holding a Physicians Learning Lunch in conjunction with Wellapalooza 2016 – presented by Dr. Lawrence B. Afrin. Dr. Afrin is an oncologist/hematologist from the University of Minnesota specializing in Mast Cell Activation Disorders, and the author of the newly published book Never Bet Against Occam: Mast Cell Activation Disease and the Modern Epidemics of Chronic Illness and Medical Complexity’ (2016). The Physicians Learning Lunch will focus on providing up-to-date research on the complexities of mast cell activation disorders and the common signs and symptoms that mast cell patients often present within across different medical specialties. Dr. Afrin will also discuss caring for patients with complex chronic medical conditions, including those with diagnosed or suspected mast cell activation disorder.

Physicians Lunch

There will be no on-site registrations, and spots are limited for this incredible event.

Register now!

To view the retreat schedule, go to

Please send questions to

Wellapalooza is a trademark and trade name under EDS Wellness, Inc. — a registered wellness non-profit in the state of Maryland. Wellapalooza welcomes all donations, and companies and individuals interested in participating as sponsors, and vendors who share in our mission to bring integrated healthcare information and therapies to patients living with chronic medical conditions. If you are interested in donating or participating in Wellapalooza 2016 as a vendor or sponsor, please send an email to

You can also visit

Details you will want to know – please read.

* Retreat schedule has been updated. Please see updated schedule here.

* There are additional schedule details that we still need to confirm. Updates will be posted as soon as we have them.

* If you plan on using the healing environments or participating in any of the aqua classes, you must bring a bathing suit.

* Haven on the Lake has a fantastic lounge/locker room with places to sit and rest. There’s also several lounge areas in addition to the locker rooms.

* Most presentations other than Rebecca Snow’s on Saturday morning and Dr. Afrin’s on Saturday evening at Turf Valley will be held in yoga studios at both The Mindfulness Center and Haven on the Lake. We will have several seating options in the studios, and if needed, we can provide a yoga mat and blankets for you to sit or lay down. We’ve done our best to ensure that seating is as comfortable as possible.

* Turf Valley has generously extended the group block room rate for anyone else who may want to reserve a room, and they have added another room option. The group discounted rates are $144 per night plus tax for an executive king room, and $119 per night plus tax for a standard room with either one queen or two double beds. To make a reservation, please call 410-465-1500.

* Registering for classes at The Mindfulness Center on Friday, June 10th – registration will be handled through me. I will provide details approx. mid-week. However, if you are registered for all three days, or for Friday, June 10th, and already know which classes (or all) that you would like to participate in, please send me an email with your request(s). Send email to

* Registering for classes at Haven on the Lake on Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th – Registration must be done by calling Haven on the Lake directly (410-715-3020) the day of the class(es) that you would like to register for starting at 7 am. What that means is that for classes on Saturday, you can call to reserve a spot starting at 7 am on Saturday morning. Similarly, for classes on Sunday, you can call to reserve a spot starting at 7 am on Sunday.

* I’ve attached a schedule of classes for both wellness venues below. We recommend becoming familiar with the classes offered ahead of time. I will make sure to send out emails and post updates with reminders of the class registration process, including the schedule of classes offered at each venue per day.

* Group Wellapalooza Classes do not require registration. However, if you plan on participating in the aqua fusion class at 4:30 pm on Saturday, you must remember to bring your bathing suit. Please also let us know if you require assistance getting from the locker/lounge room to the pool area. Haven on the Lake does have a chair lift, but I cannot promise the level of chlorine in the air within the indoor pool area.

* Virtual attendance  – We have been looking into virtual attendance, but have no way of saying if we will be offering this option. There are a lot of logistics that must be worked out to provide virtual attendance, and I do not know if all are possible at this point. If we can provide it, there will be a charge. Virtual participation also depends on the quality of the wi-fi offered at each venue – something we have no way of knowing ahead of time and also cannot guarantee.

* Live streaming via Facebook or Periscope – We will be streaming live off and on all three days of Wellapalooza either from the Wellapalooza or EDS Wellness Facebook pages, or the Wellapalooza Periscope account. However, we will not be streaming entire presentations. Doing so proved somewhat difficult, especially when trying to manage a video camera recording each presentation. However, there will still be plenty of fun stuff to see and listen to.

* Video recordings of presentations – We will be recording all presentations, provided the speaker agrees. However, recordings will most likely not be posted publicly. Once we determine how to best handle the video recordings, we will post an update.

* Registration was due yesterday, but we’ve extended registration through the weekend; however, we are outside of the refund window. We are locked into paying for the final number of attendees that we’ve provided to each venue and have paid a deposit for. Unfortunately, we have not received monetary donations to help supplement the cost of holding Wellapalooza, allow for refunds, or for scholarships. The plan is to have more wiggle room with future Wellapalooza conferences and retreats, but building a non-profit takes time and money – especially one that has a huge initiative such as Wellapalooza that is part of its mission. Adding attendees is far easier than having to come up with the funds to offset a deficit from giving refunds after our costs are set.  We appreciate your understanding (my husband does too!).

* Please remember – if you are sensitive to chlorine (like me) or other potential triggers, please understand that we cannot guarantee the perfect, reaction-free environment for everyone. We have no way of knowing or judging how safe (or not) a specific environment is for each person attending Wellapalooza. Each of us comes willingly and participates at our own risk. We also must do our due diligence to ensure our personal comfort and safety. However, there are times when we decide to take calculated risks in order to enjoy life and live as much as possible.

* If anyone would like to help with a certain aspect of Wellapalooza, or knows someone would be open to volunteering their time, please provide them my email address.

* We welcome all monetary, product, and service donations, and we are happy to provide a receipt for tax purposes. We also have options for vendor tables. Please email, if interested.

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