When your pharmacist hands you your script refill and tells you that one of the only two meds you take was filled with a different generic….

You end-up mass purchasing the only clothes/loungewear/PJs that does not hurt your skin because everything else feels like a razor, and only adds to the burning feeling radiating off of your body in several places.
I will surely say “no thank you” next time a script is filled with a different brand of generic of a medication or supplement I take, because feeling like my veins may burst open through my skin from the horrid pressure and swelling, should be enough in and of itself.
Or, the feeling of my hands and fingers being inflamed, swollen, and stiff from pain would be enough as well. And the feelings of having hot spots all over my body and that my skin is burning in places should also be enough to make me say “no thank you” next time also.
Oh, and the feeling as if my skin feels is burning on the inside, yet is actually so hot to the touch on the outside also that it does seem as though I may have been burnt somewhere – that should be enough also for me to say “no thank you” to some new generic.
Or, maybe the fact that my chest felt like it was burning on the inside, but I also felt very cold and as though there’s a constant draft of cool air blowing across me will be enough.
Oh and I itched like crazy and had a million pins and needles pricking me. My HR spikes, but I also get incredibly tired, to the point of not being able to keep my eyes open at all. The fatigue is intense. Reacting to this med is also giving me intense reflux/GI burning. My skin gets red and splotchy like I’m sunburned. My lips, mouth, and eyes get super dry, and my lips start constantly peeling as if they are shedding. And the whooshing in my head is 10x worse, which isn’t surprising.
So, I purchased enough soft, comfortable, breathable, natural fabric lounge wear/PJs from Sandra Maiden on Etsy as I could, becuase when you can’t stand anything touching your skin and your autonaumic system is completely whack, you need to be comfortable. 
To find Sandra Maiden on Etsy, go to sandmaidensleepwear’s shop on Etsy –

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